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PostSubject: RULES and REGULATIONS   Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:36 pm


First of all, Rules are Rules :Twisted Evil:


1.) Be Respectful. Do not insult, flame, or just plain offend anyone. If you use symbols to bypass the censored words, you will be warned.

2.) Stay On Topic. This rule speaks for itself. Stay on topic as much as possible.

3.) Do Not Spam. Spamming means using the same words over and over again. It is also unrelated to the topic/post or it's just plain nonsense.

4.) Don't Recreate Topics or Double Post. This includes making multiple topics too. No one likes to read the same topics that were already made. Though it may be forgiven if an old topic gets very old, and no one remembers it exists. When replying to a topic, just hit the reply button once to avoid it being posted twice.

5.) Do Not Impersonate Admins, Mods, or Any Other Member. This is disrespectful to that particular person if you do so even if you mean to fool the members. There will be strict penalties if broken.

6.) Do Not Create Multiple Accounts for mischief. If multiple accounts are detected, admins can easily find out who you are.
If you create one to "break" certain rules or to avoid scarring your main account's reputation. Both accounts will be secured by the appointed staff for deciding the outcome of the accounts, with possible deletion. (If you've been active and you want to change your name, you can easily PM the admins to change it if you have a good reason.)

7.) Do Not Use Inappropriate or Huge Images. This includes images in your avatar, signature and images in a post. Don't use wallpaper-size images. Signatures shouldn't be too large even with text. If it gets too big, you will be warned.

8.) Do Not Link to Inappropriate Websites. You are allowed to post links in your profile or your signature, or if it's really needed to explain something you've posted. Don't link to dangerous sites. Also, do not advertise.

9) Do Not Repost Copyrighted Material or Topics. Don't copy someone else's post from another site. Most likely it'll be their own Walkthrough that they worked hard on.

10) Any sort of disruption to the community will result in disciplinary action. Do not disrupt the community in any way. The sort of penalty here may result in a lifetime ban depending on your actions.

11) Do not share illegal content. These include ISOs, BIOS files, serials, hacked software or links related to illegal content

-Your Ban Times depends on the right judgement from the specific admin/mod.
-If you are a mod/admin and you have violated many rules, you'll be demoted depending on your number of posts.

Some rules have more weight than others if broken. There may be other reasons not mentioned above that an administrator/moderator may approach you if they deemed the situation appropriate.


and Moderators are taking care of our site and have the power to ban any
accounts that do not follow these rules and regulations.

|--> Always follow the Rules


Enjoy your stay here at the forum guys... Keep spinning!!! ^__^
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